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“ In its choreography and its vigor taiko becomes almost a martial art, one in which violence has been sublimated into disciplined exultation a blend of high-decibel virtuosity and sinful shakuhachi solos. Precision and energy are paramount here and the product, for me, was medicinal."                         

                          — Bernard Holland, NY Times​


Taikoza (Japanese Taiko) Experience the thunderous rhythms of the ancestral Japanese Taiko drums and the magical sounds of the bamboo flutes. Hear the 150 lb. Taiko drums give thunderous voice to traditional and new compositions. Roughly translated, Taiko means big drums-and that’s exactly what Taikoza brings:  big drums, powerful rhythms, and electrifying

and room-thumping energy. This exciting group draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music to  create a highly visual performance. With colorful traditional costumes and dynamic motion, Taikoza shows are immensely popular with audiences of all ages. 

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