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General Arts welcomes these new artists to the roster

Warp Vertical Promo Pic.jpg

Warp Trio

Black Voices is a concert program that integrates Classical, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Spoken Word, presenting works all created by Artists from the African Diaspora.

Brasil Guitar Duo

"...these gifted, unaffected and hard working young men have deservedly become international stars and have transmuted their huge energy and synergies into a mature and masterly performing presence."


                         — The Royal Gazette 


Sinta Quartet

“The Sinta plays with astonishing virtuosity, subtly beautiful phrasing and exquisite

ensemble no matter how rhythmically complex the music is.”
                              – Palm Beach Daily News

Renaissance Men

"...stunning in their balance and tone.

They Tackle The Most Difficult of Music With Ease."

                                           -Amazon (USA)


RudduR Dance


"Christopher Rudd's masterful...left me wishing I could experience the piece again.


                          -Sean Erwin, Art Burst Miami

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