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Tomaseen Foley's A Celtic Christmas

“What a terrific program! The audience was completely charmed and captivated… wonderful storytelling… the best I have ever heard.”          

             -The Society for the Four Arts, Palm Beach



For the past 28 years, with a world-class ensemble of musicians, dancers and singers from both sides of the Atlantic, Tomáseen Foley’s A Celtic Christmas has played to packed concert halls and to critical acclaim nationwide, recreating on stage the now-famous Rambling House; that remote cottage in the West of Ireland, where the neighbors gather every year for a communal night before Christmas. There, the rafters ring with fiery traditional music, Irish Christmas carols, riveting traditional dance and, of course, stories of life in the remote parish of Teampall an Ghleanntáin, Tomáseen’s birthplace. The show invites its audience to come into that cottage, into that world, into that era, with us, and be our neighbors for the night.


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